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To use be able to use this website to its fullest extent, the website uses cookies. By clicking on Ok, you are showing that you accept the use of cookies.  


What exactly is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which saves your internet settings. Nearly every website uses cookie-technology, which is downloaded from your internet browser when you visit a website for the first time. The next time you visit the site with the same device, the cookie and the stored information is either sent back to the website where it was produced or to another website it is connected to (third party cookie). Thus, the website knows that it has already been called by the browser and it will, in some cases, vary its content. Cookies can be extremely useful as they allow websites to customise and better match your preferences each time you visit the site. As long as you use the same device and the same browser, cookies will be able to record your preferences and inform us on how you use the website and is then able to customise the offers to be suited to your needs. 


Your cookie settings on this website

The law states that we can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of our site. These cookies guarantee certain functions that are essential to being able to use the website as intended and are used exclusively for Impuls Relations OG, and are therefore called first- party cookies. They are only stored on your computer during your browsing session. These strictly necessary cookies ensure the functionality of a change from http to https, and thus adhere to increased security requirements for the data transfer. Last but not least, such a cookie will also store your information regarding the use of cookies on this website. Your consent is not required for the use of strictly necessary cookies.

These cookies cannot be deactivated on our own webpage. However, at any time you can disable cookies in your browser. Examples of approval-free cookies / listing of consent-free cookies


Authorized first - party cookies on this website

Other cookies however, that are not strictly required by law in order to be able to use the website, do perform important tasks. Without these cookies, features that allow you to easily browse our website would no longer be available. For example, pre- completed forms. Settings made by you, such as for example a language selection, would be unable to be saved and would be queried again on each website. Furthermore, we would no longer be able to respond by customising offers to your individual needs. 


Use of third-party cookies that are subject to approval on this website

Impuls Public Relations OG also integrates third-party content such as Facebook services or YouTube videos on our website. While you are visiting our website to gain access to infomation, these third -party providers can theoretically track cookies that you have visited. Please visit the websites of the third- parties, in order to gain more information regarding the use of cookies. If you then choose to revoke or not grant your consent to using those cookies, we can guarantee that you will however be able to access features of our website that do not use those cookies. But web pages that potentially include third-party content and use them to set third-party cookies, will then not be available to you. You will then be informed of this in writing. Should you nevertheless want to use and access the website’s content, this is only possible if you consent to using cookies. Please use the function provided on our website to give your consent. If you do not however want to allow cookies, you can also change this within your browser.


The advantages of cookies

Some cookies are extremely useful because they can improve the user experience when you visit a website that you have already visited several times. Assuming that you use the same device and browser as before, cookies will store your information, such as your preferences. This tells us how you use our pages and enables us to customize the content displayed to suit your personal interests and needs.

The use of cookies on

Cookies are required for the use of our website We use cookies to help us improve our website and provide products and services, that we believe may be of interest to you. You may delete or block the cookies on this site, but this may interfere with the functionality of the site. None of the cookies used on our website collects information that can be linked to personally identify you.


Managing and deleting cookies

If you want to block or delete cookies, you can make these changes in the browser settings. To manage cookies, most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies or accept only certain types of cookies. You can also set it to ask you every time a website wants to save a cookie. Yet the procedures for managing and deleting cookies vary, depending on which browser you use. To find out how to do this in a specific browser, you can use the browser's built-in help or alternatively visit Here you will find a step by step guide on how to manage and delete cookies in most popular browsers.