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A3 SPORT new partner in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

A3 SPORT – one of central Europe’s leading sporting goods retailers with 75 stores in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany – will be joining SPORT 2000 at the beginning of September. The alliance with this partner will strengthen the sports retail association’s presence in the two neighbouring countries besides creating synergies both online and offline.

Sporting goods retailer A3 SPORT has been doing business in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany since 1994 and currently operates 75 stores. SPORT 2000 has now secured A3 SPORT as a strong partner for the Czech and Slovak markets. This association will strengthen both brands in each of these countries. “Cooperating with A3 SPORT will enable us to continue expanding our operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The existing stores are situated in prime locations that include all the well-known shopping centres in both countries. Our share of the Austrian market will also benefit from A3 SPORT’s thriving online shop,” said Dr Holger Schwarting, CEO of SPORT 2000 Austria, referring to the benefits of the partnership, adding: “The A3 SPORT dealers are a perfect complement to the group since there is hardly any overlap between their products and those offered by the 66 SPORT 2000 SPORT dealers already doing business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.” The stores – 69 in all with an average area of 370 m2 – will undergo rebranding that will take both brands into account. This partnership will triple SPORT 2000’s market share in both countries, increasing it to 12% (previously 3%) in the Czech Republic and 18.4% (previously 7.4%) in Slovakia.

Joint focus on sports performance

Until now, A3 SPORT has focused its strategy on the running, fitness and sportswear segments. Management board chairman Miroslav Škopek aims to intensify the company’s focus on sports performance and believes that SPORT 2000 is the ideal partner. “SPORT 2000 is synonymous with sports performance and has great expertise in running, due not least to the high-quality execution by its running pros. Our dealers and customers benefit from this knowledge and access to exclusive brands and products”, Škopek emphasises the high standards of quality and advice expected in the sports retail sector.

SPORT 2000

Based in Ohlsdorf, Upper Austria, SPORT 2000 is Austria’s largest association of specialist retailers and has a market share (incl. Gigasport) of 29%. In 2019, 240 dealers generated revenues of EUR 579 million at 403 stores throughout Austria. During the same period, SPORT 2000 Austria (including the Czech Republic and Slovakia) generated revenues of EUR 634 million with 306 specialist retailers and 518 stores.

SPORT 2000 Austria is a member of SPORT 2000 International, Europe’s second largest purchasing cooperative of independent sporting goods retailers with 3,953 stores in 23 countries and total revenues of EUR 4.9 billion in 2019.

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