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New horizons: SPORT 2000 International acquires a partner in Mauritius and Madagascar

The sports retail group is growing again, with the HV Group becoming a new licence partner. The experienced retail company is looking to establish itself as a specialist retail group in the high-value sports retail segment, aiming to open seven specialist SPORT 2000 stores in Mauritius and Madagascar by 2026.

The islands of Mauritius and Madagascar are known for their beautiful, varied landscapes and are among the most popular exotic holiday destinations. Aside from the tourists, though, the two islands are home to over 25 million residents who are increasingly interested in sports and conscious of their health. Team sports, running and fitness training are some of the most popular types of sport among the islands’ inhabitants. The HV Group is coming on board as a new licence partner for SPORT 2000 International in September 2021, ensuring that sports retail customers in Mauritius and Madagascar will be offered high-quality products as well as high-quality advice. “With our new partner, the HV Group, we are taking another step towards increasing the presence of the SPORT 2000 brand on a global level. Our focus on consultation, quality and top brands is exactly what sports customers on the exotic islands want and expect. The HV Group and SPORT 2000 International are an ideal strategic fit,” explains Margit Gosau, CEO of SPORT 2000 International and SPORT 2000 GmbH, discussing the new partnership.

Plans for 7 SPORT 2000 stores in Mauritius and Madagascar

The HV Group, which was established in 2001, mainly operates in Mauritius and Madagascar and is a successful group in the Indian Ocean region. The HV Group has had great success in past years in a number of sectors, including industry, international trade, property management and retail. As a partner of SPORT 2000 International, the Group’s focus over the next five years will be on establishing high-quality sports retail with a total of seven SPORT 2000 stores. There are plans to open two large and three smaller stores in Mauritius by 2026, while two SPORT 2000 stores are currently planned for Madagascar.

“We were looking for a well-established, experienced partner in the sports retail segment and are delighted that we found exactly what we were looking for in SPORT 2000 International. This collaboration will allow us to be part of a strong, successful buying group,” says Roupesh Hematlal, CEO of the HV Group. He firmly believes that customers will benefit from SPORT 2000’s extensive expertise and numerous partnerships with exclusive top brands. “We aim to establish and develop our business in the high-quality, performance-focused sports retail segment so that, in the coming years, we can position ourselves in our markets as a leading sports retail group,” explains Mr Hematlal.

With its new partner, the HV Group, SPORT 2000 International is continuing to increase its brand presence. SPORT 2000 International is also open to other new licence partners.

SPORT 2000 International

SPORT 2000 International is Europe’s second largest trade organisation for independent sports retailers and has 3,615 stores in 22 countries. The sports retail company generated sales totalling EUR 4.3 billion in 2020.


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