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SPORT 2000 opens flagship store in Mauritius

With the opening of the first flagship store in Mauritius, SPORT 2000 International is setting new benchmarks in international sports retail together with the HV Group. For the first time, the new SPORT 2000 Multi-Category-Retailer concept has been fully implemented: a comprehensive product and brand range across 1,000 square metres of retail space combined with the best advice and services offers sport lovers a unique shopping experience since January 2023. Two further stores opened in the west and south of the island in February 2023.

With the new SPORT 2000 flagship store in the centrally located Tribeca Mall Mauritius, a crucial step has been taken in the establishment of high-quality, performance-oriented sports retail. Locals and tourists can find over 30 000 products from more than 20 brands in around 1,000 square metres of retail space. “The new SPORT 2000 flagship store is a key project in sports retail in Mauritius. Customers can find the best advice, quality, and top brands here. The store has the optimum size to present brands and products,” says Roupesh Hematlal, CEO of HV Holdings Ltd, highlighting the advantage for industry partners. The first SPORT 2000 store on Mauritius was opened in January 2023 in the presence of the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation, Stephan Toussaint, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Soodesh Satkam Callichurn, the president of a regional company that promotes reef conservation, François Rogers, CEO of HV Holding Ltd, Roupesh Hematlal, and CEO of SPORT 2000 International, Margit Gosau. Two further SPORT 2000 stores opened their doors in Mauritius in February: Tamarin on the 9th of February and Plaisance on the 16th. A further store is planned in Madagascar in May 2023. “The HV Group is an excellent and extremely professional partner for the future. Thanks to HV’s outstanding retail expertise, we have already managed to fully implement our SPORT 2000 retail concept in the first store and offer people a superior shipping experience at a quality sports retailer. With this new collaboration, we are further expanding our international brand presence and giving our brand an ultramodern position in the southern hemisphere, too,” says Margit Gosau, CEO of Sport 2000 International. More store openings are planned on Mauritius and Madagascar with the HV Group as a partner. “The market on Mauritius and Madagascar is developing dynamically. We are therefore looking forward to further expansion with our partner, HV Holdings,” says Gosau.

SPORT 2000 assumes responsibility for reefs in the region
Sport and nature are inseparably linked. The picturesque beaches with coral reefs in Mauritius are the perfect place for locals and tourists to dive and snorkel. However, reefs are increasingly under threat due to human activities such as climate change and pollution in the form of the chemicals contained in sun cream. Coral reefs are not only natural areas for sporting activities, but they are also habitats for sea creatures, offer protection from waves and storms, perform relevant functions for our climate, are of economic importance to the fishing industry and offer great potential for research. “As a company that is connected to sport, we are responsible for protecting the oceans, reefs, and the environment over the long term. With our partnership with the Reef Conservation Foundation in Mauritius, we are taking an initial stance on protecting the reefs in the region,” says Roupesh Hematlal about the start of a long-term partnership. 


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