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SPORT 2000 International continues on a successful path after a successful year 2016

The SPORT  2000 group achieved a record year again in 2016 with a plus of 4.5 percent with a total revenue of 6.9 billion euros | The position of the group of associate companiesis secured and further developed through the focus on verticalisation, the associated strengthening of the SPORT 2000 brand and the intensive cooperation with international top brands.

2016 was a successful business year for SPORT 2000 International, Europe’s second largest group of associate companies in sports retail. The specialised buying group with currently 4,154 outlets in 25 countries generated a total revenue of 6.9 billion euros. That corresponds to a plus of 4.5 percent over the previous year. “It’s impressive how much movement and progress was possible last year despite the lack of a SPORT 2000 International CEO thanks to the interim leadership of Dr Schwarting and Hans-Hermann Deters. Important milestones were achieved, which now support me in realising the next steps towards continuing to strengthen SPORT 2000 International, said the new CEO of SPORT 2000 International, Margit Gosau, at the annual General Assembly in late April in Nice.

Focus on verticalisation and brand development
In addition to presenting the 2016 figures, Gosau also specified the orientation for the current business year and the medium-term future: “SPORT 2000 is working intensively on establishing our fit-for-future agenda by committing ourselves as an association to actively advancing the topic of verticalisation and thus securing and further expanding our position as a group of associated companies. With the national organisation’s strong, aligned approach and a clear commitment to a joint, strategic orientation we are well equipped for the challenges in the market,” Gosau explainedSPORT 2000 International’s strategic focussing.

Thegroup of associate companiesthereby continues to rely on top consulting and top quality, as well as an intensive cooperationwith top brands, expansion of brand recognition and visibility of the Sport 2000 brand, international expansion with a European focus and a slow and controlled development of its own brands. “Many steps on the path to verticalisation have already been taken within the framework of our to-date four strategic focus areas: The cooperation with top brands has been intensified though a simplified go-to-market process, clearer international product range definitions with the brands and the realisation of stronger international marketing campaigns on the highest level,” Gosau elaborated.

The expansion of the brand visibility was clearly driven forward and many sales outlets in all member countries have been branded with the SPORT 2000 banner, such as in the Netherlands and Finland. The expansion of its own brands is being slowly and meticulously expedited in the framework of this verticalisation strategy. “Our own brands’ product range of High Colorado, Stuf, York and V3Tec round out the offer for SPORT 2000 dealers in the entry-level pricing category. The share of our own brands’ business is below five percent and this is also not intended to go above ten percent in the future,” emphasised Gosau.

Further expansion planned
An additional strategic focus area is also the expansion into new markets and countries, particularly the gaps on the map of Europe are the target markets that Gosau intends to conquer. “The expansion of the licenses in Europe is an important strategic step towards additional brand visibility and assists us in being a reliable partner for our internationally established top brand partners and their strong European business. For the year 2017 we are targeting expansion in Spain, Hungary, Greece and the Balkan States,” Gosau clarified.  In the current business year 2017 Sport 2000 International was able to attract a partner outside of Europe, who will expand the SPORT 2000 business in Dubai and Gulf States.

My aim for the coming years is to advance the strategic orientation, a clear positioning, the commitment and thus the verticalisation of the group of associate companies. Our strength lies in specialisation and our multi-category approach, which is to be even more refined and strengthened,” concluded Gosau. 

Supervisory board elected
In the framework of the annual General Assembly Dr Holger Schwarting, Chairman of SPORT 2000 Austria, was reconfirmed as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SPORT 2000 International. The Supervisory Board is comprised according to the General Assembly as follows: Chairman Dr Holger Schwarting, Austria; Deputy Chairman Matthias Grevener, Germany; Dr Heiner Olbrich, Germany; Marius Rovers, the Netherlands; Hans-Peter Rasmussen, Denmark; Jean-Louis Parent, France and Hans-Hermann Deters; Germany.

SPORT 2000 International
SPORT 2000 International is Europe’s second largest cooperation of independent sports retailers with 4,154 outlets in 25 countries and a total revenue of 6.9 billion euros. The sports retailer company has over 35,000 employees.

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