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Headquartered in Spain, the BASE-Group becomes new partner of SPORT 2000 International

The Spanish retail organization BASE Trademark Detallsport Group is strengthening SPORT 2000 International’s network with a total of 320 stores and 110 partners throughout Spain.

SPORT 2000 International is consolidating its position as a strong global player and specialty trading group by partnering with one of the biggest retail organization in Spain’s sports fashion industry, the BASE Trademark Detallsport Group. “Following the recent addition of the Falaknaz Sports Group in the Gulf region, we are extremely delighted to now also have a strong partner in Spain that brings consulting, know-how and expertise to the table. BASE’s decision to join the group confirms that we are on course for expansion. A strong global alliance opens up multiple opportunities that would not be available to a single national association,” explains SPORT 2000 International CEO Margit Gosau.

“By joining the group, Spain is increasing SPORT 2000 International’s influence as a retail organization. Thanks to our new partner BASE, our brand is now represented in all key markets in Western Europe,” explains Gosau. “Besides allowing us to pool procurement capacities and harness synergistic effects, the opportunity to implement standardized global marketing campaigns at the highest level in specialty stores across Europe makes this an interesting partnership for the industry. Our collaboration marks an important strategic step toward increasing brand visibility and helps us be a reliable partner for top international brand partners and their strong European business,” adds Gosau.

Global umbrella brand unites national identities
Established in Spain in 1985, the BASE Trademark Detallsport Group is one of the largest and most important buying groups in sports retail in Spain. The BASE Group is represented by a total of 320 stores and more than 110 partners on the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Based in Barcelona, the group generated around 65 million euros in revenue in 2015. “Being a SPORT 2000 International partner allows us to strengthen our position both in the domestic market and in cooperation with global industry partners. Our focus on running, soccer and urban fashion also fits in perfectly with the strategic direction of SPORT 2000 International and its specialty concepts. Such an alignment creates numerous synergies for us to harness in the future,” says Alex Cucurull, chief executive of the BASE Trademark Detallsport Group, about the company’s decision to join the international retail association.

The new alliance with BASE will see SPORT 2000 International being represented by 320 stores across the entire Iberian Peninsula. This will be rendered visible by consistently implementing the co-branding concept in all Spanish locations of the BASE-Group, thus strengthening the umbrella brand across Europe. “Our joint corporate identity will be a combination of independent logos with the addition of ‘Official Partner of SPORT 2000’.” This approach will allow our partners to continue to use and build upon already established national identities, while at the same time increasing awareness for SPORT 2000 International and ultimately generating Europe-wide recognition among customers. This combination of national identities under the umbrella of a global brand is currently unique to SPORT 2000 International,” explains Gosau.

SPORT 2000 International
SPORT 2000 International is Europe’s second-largest purchasing cooperative of independent sports retailers, with 4,154 stores in 25 countries and a total revenue of 6.9 billion euros. The sports retail company has more than 35,000 employees.

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