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SPORT 2000 International gains Smart 73 as a strong strategic partner for Hungary

SPORT 2000 International is expanding its European market presence with the sports wholesaler and retailer Smart 73. Based in Hungary, Smart 73 has a strong distribution network comprising over 300 stores as well as its own shops.

The retailers association SPORT 2000 International awarded Smart 73 Kft. a franchise for Hungary at the end of September in a move that signals the company’s next stage of expansion, thus strengthening its position in the European sports retail market.

“Smart 73 has been in the Hungarian sports retail business for 20 years, in which time it has established itself as a successful sports wholesaler, supplying 300 locations with top brands. Additionally, with its own shop concept, Smart 73 also has a strong presence as a retailer in fitness, among other areas. This makes Smart 73 the perfect partner for SPORT 2000 International’s specialization strategy. We expect to see a great transfer of expertise at an international level,” explains Margit Gosau, CEO of SPORT 2000 International. She is pleased to have the new strategic partner for Hungary, which will increase SPORT 2000’s brand visibility throughout Europe.

Following Spain and the Gulf States, Hungary is the third new regional market with a franchise partner for SPORT 2000 International this year. Gosau elaborates: “At SPORT 2000 International, we want to be a reliable partner for top international brands and their European business. We have acquired some very important European markets in 2017. Now, the next step is to develop the internal organization, which by no means is an indicator that we are not open for new partners, like in Poland or Great Britain for example.”

Broad distribution network with over 300 locations in Hungary
Smart 73 was founded in 1997 in Hungary, initially specializing in swimming textiles. It has since shifted its focus to fitness, running, soccer and urban fashion. As a wholesaler for top international brands, the company serves over 300 sports retailers throughout Hungary out of a facility comprising around 15,020 square meters. Moreover, Smart 73 currently operates seven of its own stores. With its shop concept ATHLETICS, the company places a focus on fitness. A second ATHLETICS store is set to open this year, and two new online shops are nearing their launches – one for fitness and another for soccer. Headquartered in Vác, Hungary, Smart 73 generated around €9 million in revenue in 2016.

As a strategic partner, SPORT 2000 International is opening the door to new international industry partners for Smart 73 as a buying association, while also providing a unified market presence under the banner of SPORT 2000. In addition, it is supporting the international marketing concept and market presence of every individual sport retailer. Imre Toth, Retail Manager of Smart 73, emphasizes this point: “As a SPORT 2000 International partner, we are strengthening our positions both in the Hungarian market as well as internationally. SPORT 2000 International is lending its expertise and concepts to support our retailers. We also expect the partnership with SPORT 2000 to give our fitness concept a push in the Hungarian market, which could possibly catch on in other countries as well.”

With SPORT 2000 International’s unique, European-wide co-branding concept, the Hungarian sport retailer will be able to preserve its local identity, while reaping the benefits of greater brand awareness that being a member of a larger group of retailers provides. The addendum ‘Official Partner of SPORT 2000’ to the logo will highlight this partnership.

SPORT 2000 International
With 4,154 businesses in 25 countries, SPORT 2000 International is the second-largest buying cooperation of independent retailers in Europe. The sport retailer generated a total revenue of €3.6 billion in 2016 and provided more than 35,000 jobs.

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