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SPORT 2000 International is backing experience orientation in sporting goods with category management

The sports retail organization is reorganizing its product management and introducing category management | Product groups to be brought together into experience areas

Purchasing structured according to experience areas

With category management, the sports retail group is taking customers’ new experience orientation into account Europe-wide. Product groups at SPORT 2000 International will be managed in three category management units in future, bringing together relevant sports in thematic areas, while the previous divisions of textiles, shoes and hardware will be discontinued.

In the “Active & Lifestyle” area, the two units ‘running, training & lifestyle’, as well as ‘team sports, first layer, and swimming & beachwear’ have now been brought together. The “Outdoor & Winter” category revolves around the unit of outdoor and winter sports. Ranges of all the products such as footwear, textiles and hardware within one theme are optimally coordinated with one another according to thematic area. The categories are supported across areas by a business analyst who takes care of the issue of consumers and market insights. In the very near future, international sales figures will be consolidated, compared and made available to the category team in order to make the best decisions when assigning products to product ranges. “This reorganization makes it possible for us to put together optimized product ranges for our sport retailers across Europe. These product ranges have customers’ new experience orientation as their focus. In this way we can create ideal conditions for our SPORT 2000 retailers, as well as making our products better thought-out and adapted to athletes’ needs. In this way it can be guaranteed that the customer receives optimal personalized advice in more targeted sport experience areas,” according to Margit Gosau, CEO of SPORT 2000 International, discussing the next milestone on the sport retail organization’s road to an integrated, vertically oriented retail service organization.

SPORT 2000 International

With 4,154 businesses in 25 countries, SPORT 2000 International is the second largest buying group of independent sports retailers in Europe, employing over 35,000 employees. In 2017, the sports retail company generated a total revenue of EUR 3.818 billion.

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