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SPORT 2000 International introduces new “Absolute” retail format

The sports retail buying group SPORT 2000 International is introducing its new “Absolute” retail format in all member countries. The new concept reinforces SPORT 2000 International’s quality strategy and focuses on closer collaboration between retailers, the group, and suppliers.

Absolute is an international premium retail format that has been specially developed for the SPORT 2000 brand. SPORT 2000 is using it to drive forward its 2021 future strategy, with the aim of making the cooperative purchasing group an integrated, vertically oriented retail service organization. “The new Absolute retail format enables retailers to specialize even further and deepen their relationships with customers. The plan is for marketing, purchasing and omnichannel strategies to be closely coordinated between retailers and SPORT 2000 in future,” said Margit Gosau, CEO of SPORT 2000 International, explaining the main idea behind the new format. She continued: “The first Absolute retailer will launch in Germany at the end of September. It remains to be seen how far the concept can be implemented in the other SPORT 2000 member countries. However, interested retailers in all countries can apply for the concept and become part of it.”

Setting Absolute retailers apart

Through Absolute, SPORT 2000 retailers across Europe will receive a high level of support in their work from SPORT 2000, which will enable them to concentrate on their core competencies – individually tailored advice and sales. This will allow the retailers to remain close to their customers.

Strategic steps will be undertaken by SPORT 2000. Examples of these include attractive shop fitting concepts, suggestions on community management, and organization of the supply chain. An future omnichannel platform, will also give the Absolute retailers the opportunity to be active and position themselves effectively, both online and offline.

Greater connection with SPORT 2000

Compared to the professional or specialist retailers already in place in various member countries, the main difference is based on a new understanding of cooperation with SPORT 2000. Retailers voluntarily agree to comply with specified guidelines and closely cooperate, since this is a verticalized retail concept. The Absolute branding used in stores contributes significantly towards the visibility and thus the strengthening of the SPORT 2000 brand, but also enables the retailer to retain their identity in their own country.

Opening of the first Absolute store

The new Absolute retail format will make its debut with the opening of Absolute Teamsport Hesse in Ruppach-Goldhausen on September 28th, 2018. The 325 m2 SPORT 2000 Absolute store – managed by Christoph J. Hesse – specializes in team sports.


SPORT 2000 International

SPORT 2000 International is the second-largest buying group of independent sports retailers in Europe, with 3,555 outlets in 25 countries. In 2017, the sports retail company generated total revenue of EUR 3.818 billion.

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